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To start, I am a HUGE dystopian fan, so when I read this synopsis, I kind of went into it thinking I was going to love it, and it turns out, I do!

I've never read anything from this author before (which I discovered after reading this book because I wanted to get more books from the author, is actually author's, Kit is the pseudonym) But anyways, never heard of them before or anything about their previous books, which I am surprised about because this story and the writing felt like a veterans work.

It was very well written, very detailed (which I really love, I mean who doesn't?) I thought the characters were written well, there was enough information and storyline about them that I didn't feel like anything was missing. I really love that they wrote, strong, realistic women characters, (okay yes, one is a clone) and yes there were some moments where I felt like the character was stretching on who they actually were, but even so, I still felt they were fantastically written.

The plot I thought was great as well, and original. It was very futuristic, with lots of data and tech talk. It follows two characters, Knox and Nina. Knox is the leader of the military crew and Nina is an escaped clone and she is leading her group to make her neighborhoods a better place. Both groups are highly trained, and total badasses. The only thing I would say is the whole librarian mercenaries does get a little lost with everything else that's going on. Which is odd, since that's what the whole is about. Or I guess should have been more about? Still, though, I liked it. It had a good adventure

I love a book that has some romance in it as well, and this book had that. Well actually probably more romance than I originally expected. That story-line was kind of predictable. You know that whole hate to love things, but that doesn't really bother me that much.