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Thank you to BookishFirst and Kit Rocha for the chance to review the first chapter of this book.

The opening chapter, covering some 23 pages, introduces the reader to two primary characters, Knox and Nina, years after a post-Cataclysmic event, in the former city of Atlanta. The author does a quick job of laying a basic groundwork for how society functions, the level of technology, and the level of lawlessness in the area. The book has a gritty, dark edge to it, and while the opening scene is about a lethal combat following an attempted robbery gone wrong, the following scenes focus more on how corporations exert control in various ways over the impoverished populace. The writing is definitely a dark reflection of the current state of our society.

The plot hooks thrown out by the author sink deep into the reader's mind, quickly drawing the reader into the story. While there was only one fight in the opening chapter, the stage is set for a more satisfying conflict, with the prospect of Knox and Nina having to face off against a motivated corporate elite that directly created them with an ill intent toward society.

While I think one chapter is a little difficult to say definitely it will be a good read, I am confident that what I read suggests the entire book will be enjoyable. I would like the chance to read more!