Brilliant and deadly

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This book is like the love child between Aldous Huxley and Sarah J Maas. In a world controlled by tech companies, where the only laws are the ones you can enforce and kindness is all but dead, people are modified with genetics mutations, behavioral training, and technology to become perfect tools for the rich companies that call the shots. Nina is trying to preserve old books and movies, she is anything but your average librarian. She and her team were each modified specifically to become brilliant and deadly...

Captain Knox and his team of elite soldiers have gone rogue, and the implants that were put in their bodies are ticking time bombs unless they can rescue the single person that they know of outside of the tech companies who can help control the devices implanted in them. They've been told they can pull off this rescue only by sacrificing Nina.

This book was captivating. It is the beginning of a series that I'm incredibly excited about, and I'm already sure that I will be pre-ordering the second book in the series.