We need more thriller magic books.

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I’m definitely adding this to my tbr and wishlist. Magic and horror sign me up!

The cover is beautiful and immediately drew me in. It didn’t take much questing to figure out what aesthetic the book would have either. It does it’s job in pulling in thriller and magic lovers.

I especially connect with some of the design attributes as a witch. The little tarot card chapter beginners are genius. The book is well written and appealing. The characters are dynamic and complex. They seem lovable and easy to get attached to. The plot flows easy and made me keep wanting to read more, and the spooky atmosphere carried well. The sample just wasn’t enough!

This book reminds me of The Raven Boys series by Maggie Steifvater. Very different but the same as in a mystical small town with special powered teens. Oh and psychics. Did I mention I love psychics?