The Bayou Grows On You

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On my first try reading the book, I put it down, I just couldn't get into it. I felt that it dragged. Yes, yes, get on with the story. So for a long time it just sat on my shelf.

On a recent road trip, I took the book, Dark and Shallow Lies, figuring what the hell, I'll give it the old collage try.

Once I got past page 75, things were looking up. I had to keep reading. The mystery was finally keeping my interest. Did she, Elora, leave in the night as planned or did something sinister take place? As her best friend, Grey, tries to discover what really happened to Elora. As Grey digs for the truth, she uncovers that the 'whole' town has secrets of various degrees!

The story's climatic ending take place during a hurricane, which made it edge of the seat reading.

The story weaves around the teenagers and their fears and hopes for the future. All of the characters moved the story along. No 'what's this character doing in the story'.

I absolutely loved the description of the town. I do like a good 'swamp' mystery. I could feel the heat, the mugginess, the bugs & critters and the isolation of the island town, La Cachette. (The alligator named Willie Nelson by the teens was a nice small break in the story).