No Shortage of Twists

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If this story set out to stump the avid mystery paranormal enthusiast, then Dark and Shallow Lies is truly successful. I enjoyed the setting of the bayou and the community of psychics who all harbor internal struggles with their clairvoyant gifts. You could not ask for a better potential monster antagonist than the Louisiana rougarou, but somehow, I was not completely thrilled with the spooks laid out in this story or with the pacing. After living most of her life under the assumption she is without her own psychic abilities, her new-found visions threaten to reveal the truth behind her towns most sordid secrets. Grey has one summer to uncover what happened to her twin flame or face a potentially similar fate. It seems difficult that any secrets can be kept on an island where clairvoyance is as plentiful as the gators in the swamps and where more than a few citizens’ talents extend beyond the psychic persuasion, and yet I was truly surprised as new detail after new detail was conveniently revealed. There was more than enough misdirection to let the imagination run wild, but I felt many of the big twist were inorganic to the storytelling and served only to drag us to a finish line.