Loved it.

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This was such a good book, just what I wanted. One of the best debut novels, it was amazing. I loved the story, it was really unique and well written. I liked how well the author did with world-building, and building the characters.

I liked all the characters they were unique in their own ways, and I fell in love with them. It was perfectly spine-chilling, and the supernatural aspect was just what I needed. I loved the setting, I think it added to the scare factor rather well.

It left me in a little bit of a shock, but in a good way. I'll admit I didn't have the highest expectations with this book, but the author really surprised me. It got better and better as I read on, like one of those books you cannot put down. I loved Grey as the main character also.

And the spirituality, tarot cards, all that was such an interesting thing to read. Overall such a good book, loved it.