Compelling Debut

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I remember coming across this book when it was on order at my local library and immediately being desperate to get my hands on it. I devoured it when it arrived and was begging for more. Let me tell you. I loved the small atmospheric town full of mystics. I loved the characters in this story and I loved piecing together what happened to the missing girl. It was a lot of fun and I admit I was not able to figure it all out by myself. Which is a rarity when you read as many thrillers as I do! But that was definitely the biggest positive about this book. I was also very close to losing my marbles over who I thought was guilty. I kept messaging my friend with my theories. Which I'm sure she got sick of after a while. My only wish is that I would go back and read it for the first time again. I envy everyone else who gets to do that! Hopefully this review helps convince you to pick it up!