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Quite Interesting

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The style of the writing is typical of most young adult novels but it doesn’t take away or hinder Darius’ characterization all that much. I found the bluntness of several of Mr. Khorram’s sentences to be quite nice actually. This was especially prevalent whenever Darius father, with whom Darius has a complex relationship with, was brought up. The reader is slowly fed more information about him, through which the readers are more able to sympathize with. I really enjoyed hearing about Iran although there were some lulls in the descriptions of Yazd, the city he visits. Another thing that is prevalent in this novel is homosocial relationships. Darius does not have many friends at home. The fact that some other boys bully him leads him to question if his heritage is any contributing factor in that and thus begins Darius’ self-evaluating which is present throughout the whole novel. He befriends a young man in Yazd who helps him see himself as a better person.