Nice coming-of-age story

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Darius feels out-of-place everywhere -with his family, at school, even at his job. When his family travels to Iran to stay with his grandfather who is dying of a brain tumor, Darius has the chance to figure out how he is and who he wants to be.

This was a nice coming-of-age story, and I enjoyed seeing Darius grow, and in particular seeing how his relationship with his father changed. The cultural aspects gave this a lot more depth than is typical of this genre, and it does a great job of showing his troubles fitting in as an Iranian in America but also as an American in Iran. My only complaint was that it felt like things resolved a bit too easily - both with his father and his friendship with Sohrab - although in the young adult genre, that's not unusual. I was excited to see where his friendship with Sohrab went, and what he learns about himself, and am looking forward to seeing how that changes further in the next books.