It doesn't break any molds

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This is a middle grade book, so I knew to expect simplicity when I went in. I think little kids would get a kick out of it, particularly the jokes. That's about all I've got to say for this one. I knew I wasn't the target audience going in. I knew it was a middle grade book. I can't see it ever, for instance, making it into my Mom's classroom library (she teaches 5th) because of the hel and dam jokes. Yeah, it's Farsi, and yeah, it's cute, but psycho parents get up in arms about everything these days, to the point where it's a wonder classroom libraries still exist. That being said, it's cute. That's the best I can say about it. And yeah, it's probably damning the book with faint praise, but I just couldn't get into a kid's mindset to read this one. Add in the fact that my kiddo is too young for this one, and it just didn't gel with me like it could have. Nothing against the book, I'm just not the one to love it.