If Only I read it Sooner

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Like the title says, I really wish I read this book sooner. Darius the Great is Not Okay focuses on the journey of Darius, our main character, and his mental health from topics such as self esteem and mental illness. I cried at the chapters here Darius let himself be open and vulnerable with not only himself and the people around him, but with me/the reader as well. This book does an excellent execution of the ways that depression can alter your life. As I read the Afterword, I found myself nodding and lowkey tearing up at Adib Khorram's goal for this book. I just WISH that I read this earlier, like my freshman year of high school, because that probably would've been a better time for me to read and relate to this.

I really appreciated how this book also talked being mixed cultured -- as a mixed person myself, I feel like narratives such as mine are either rolled over or are covered in very stereotypical ways. BUT, this book handled the topic with such grace and relatability -- at least for me.

This story really told me things I needed to hear and understand in such an indirectly personal way. God it was amazing.