Great multicultural book for YA

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A beautiful, understated story of cultural identity and all its different facets. Although the YA market is very competitive, this is a book that provides a different perspective on Middle Eastern culture and growing up in this society. I believe adults as well as teenagers will enjoy this book and its unique perspective for teenagers. Topics covered include racism, body shaming and depression which should be relevant to all readers. It's about a mixed-race half Persian boy who comes back to Iran with his family to visit his dying grandfather. The book is really well written, and it's only fault is it tries a little to hard to be relevant. Darius has trouble fitting in in either culture and has to deal with hypercritical male family members, so he suffers from depression. And then he is told he just needs to try harder to fit in -- which isn't helpful at all. If you are looking for a book to buy a teenager for a gift, this book would be a good choice.