A rich, beautiful story

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Ohhhh what an amazing book. I love how the author ties together the theme of culture/heritage/family with so many food descriptions. This is just how I feel about my own culture and family heritage. I have now located and made plans to visit a Persian restaurant in my local area, and I hope they make tea the way it is described in the book because it sounds amazing. In fact, I actually e-mailed Adib Khorram to ask him how to blend the loose leaf tea, Darius-style, and he wrote back with the recipe! It was a pretty big fangirl moment for me.

I love Darius and thoroughly enjoyed bearing witness to his journey. The book left me wanting more, even though it doesn't really end on a cliffhanger, so I'm EXTRA excited that Darius is getting a sequel in Darius the Great Deserves Better. He certainly does, and I hope that book 2 continues to explore Darius's identity and (hopefully) growing confidence in that, his relationship with his father now that they have laid bare some of their issues, and more updates about his family back home in Iran, because I couldn't get enough the first time around.