A great, diverse YA read!

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This was a very enjoyable contemporary young adult novel.
Darius (namesake of Darius the great) feels like an outsider. He is half white and half persian. He has depression, he is slightly overweight thanks to his meds and he is bullied at school (and outside of school for that matter). He feels like he is a failure to his father. He has a huge love of tea (which helps to connect him to his persian roots) and Star Trek (which is the one connection he seems to have with his father besides depression).
When Darius and his family make a trip to Iran (a first for Darius and his sister), Darius finally feels like he fits somewhere. He gets to spend time with the family he's only seen on a computer screen and makes a best friend for the first time in his life.
This was a great read. A realistic look at someone struggling with figuring out where they fit in.