A Fellow Trekkie & Tea Enthusiast

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This was such a fun, quick read and one I wish I had picked up sooner. Being a diehard Trekkie, I was of course pulled in by the reference to Darius speaking Klingon in the synopsis. All the Star Trek references did not disappoint, and I thought it added a fun layer to the book. A main character struggling with many aspects of their identity, but also being a devout Star Trek fan and tea enthusiast is something I’ve never seen in a book before.
Personally, I saw a lot of myself in Darius. I'm biracial like him and I also like Star Trek like him. It's pretty hard to find other brown Trekkies out there, so to read about one was really cool for me.
The way Darius and Sohrab’s relationship was written was compelling and is probably what got me to read it so fast.