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Twist Teenage Mythology

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Who doesn't love a good twist on mythology? I know I do! Lauren Palphreyman's take is quite enjoyable. Cupid is the god of love, and what better what to promote love than through a matchmaking service. But what happens when a love skeptic is matched with the otherwise unmatchable? We get a love story of mythological ends. Follow Lila, Charlie, and their new friends as they take on the myth of Cupid's love. It will leave ready for more.

Lauren weaves a smooth story that is extremely easy to follow and quickly engaging. As I read through the story, I needed to keep going, sleep was secondary, the story was priority. I wanted to know everything about Cupid and Cal and the Matchmaking Sevices. Lauren loved to drop little surprises when you least expect, and dangles the answer ever so slightly out of reach. Great storytelling!