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This book is to die for!

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I think what drew me in the most about this book is it's world building! I really loved how unique the magic aspect of the world is, and it left me wanting to know more and more. Additonally- the plot was super unqie! I was constantly on my toes, and found myself speeding through the book due to how easy the plot was to follow along with.

The characters in this book really made it stand out! The forbidden romance aspect was really intriguing and super cute, and our main protagonists were unique and fun to read about. My heart is now ties to all of the characters and I wouldnt want it any other way.

Overall this book was a joy to read. It was a great way to de-stress and was just such a fun and light hearted read. It has its sad moments, but those were evened out with lovely comedy and bantter. The writtin style also contributed to how fun of a read the book was- it was simple to follow along with and didnt leave me confused. I Would highly recommend this book to all lovers of fantasy and romance!