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Nice YA that brings in Greek mythology

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I didn't finish this book, but I did get several chapters in, so I'll write my review based on what I did read and why I didn't want to finish it.

The teenage main character of the novel finds herself the butt of a joke (or so she thinks) when she is summoned to the office of a matchmaking service she never joined. She travels well out of her way to get there, which I don't buy (hello, it's spam; throw it away). When she gets there, she's looked down upon by all she meets, but someone eventually tells her she's matched with someone who would be terrible for her and who can never find out who she is.

MC is disbelieving of the Greek mythology that unfolds in front of her, but she never lets that hold her back from actually going through with anything these characters ask her to do. The condescension she faces from them doesn't seem to warrant this level of trust, so it was hard for me as the reader to suspend my disbelief at the fantastical premise. I finally got to the point after about 80 pages where I felt I'd rather spend my time on another book.