Loved it!

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I read this back in Wattpad first and I am just so happy that it is getting published! It was one of my favorite Wattpad books and it honestly deserves this. The plot of this book is so unique, it is unlike anything I've read before. I love mythology and this has it in like a high school bad boy sort of way, and it's just so great. This book has a special part in my heart, the storyline was one of my favorites and I loved the romance as well. Cupid being the main characters match is just something that was so great to read, it's been a while since I read this but it was a really good book. This was a great way of bringing mythology into a modern setting and I just love that mix and I've sure many others will as well. Given that this is a Wattpad book, the bad boy trope and the other cliches are here but it's not in a bad way. There is some parts that were a bit bad, but I think overall the plot was really unique. And the romance was really good. Great book!