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Interesting premise

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I'm a bit torn about this book. Right from the start, we get thrown into the story, and I highly appreciate that. I wasn't bored once reading Cupid's Match and it's one of those titles that can easily be read in one sitting if that's your thing.
The writing flows nicely, something's always happening and you just don't have time to get bored with it.

However, especially as we near the ending, I felt like things switched from fast-paced to rushed. Everything falls into place a little too easily, an important character (or at least what should have been one) dies off screen and suddenly it's all over.
The story as a whole, even though I enjoyed it, was also just very predictable. Which saddens me, because the premise is interesting. I believe with some editing, more elaborate world building and incorporation of all the mythology that's really only brushed over as it stands, and some more character development for the side cast especially, this could be a favorite of mine. As it stands though, it's more so the concept of it that is.

If there is gonna be a follow up novel, I am definitely interested in picking it up though, in hopes that it'll fill in some gaps and simply allow itself some more time to develop everything. I instantly liked and sympathized with Lila and would like to see more of her and Cupid and especially Cal.