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Cupid can't be matched

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A YA paranormal love story with gods and magic arrows and one single high school girl weaving in and around her life. Lila just wants her life and her mother back. Her father is moping around, unemployed and lost without his wife. Into all this, the Cupid's Matchmaking Service starts to bug her. She's got a boyfriend, she doesn't need them. She especially doesn't need to be matched to the Cupid himself. And most definitely after she finds out the agents of this service are willing to kill her to keep Cupid away from her.
This is a charming story. It a clean romance, with just a little kissing. It an adventure story, with Lila and Cupid running from other service agents, building an army to fight back and having a showdown with his mother. It's all a little much, but that's where the fun is.