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Gotta love a romantic, YA myth retelling!

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I am constantly looking for high-interest retellings, or reinterpretations, of Greek and Roman myths for my high school students. How can we satisfy myth-related learning standards in dynamic and even fun ways?

Lauren Palphreyman's YA novel Cupid's Match seems like a fantastic answer to the above question. With its quirky conceit of the Cupids Matchmaking Service and its narrator's, Lila's, relatable voice, Cupid's Match will be a great choice for many of my teen readers.

I'm not surprised The CW Network has expressed interest in Palphreyman's romance series. And with the Broadway musical Hadestown fueling the popularity of retelling mythology's great love stories, I expect interest in Cupid's Match to keep growing.

Before I conclude, I want to say I like the cover! Between the title, color choices, and symbolism of the arrows, prospective readers should have no trouble making predictions about Cupid's Match.