Wasn’t for me

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Going into this books, I thought the plot, the story itself was going to be good. Because who doesn’t want to read about pirates? But I did find myself not enjoying it as much as I wanted to.
The young pirates themselves, who were supposed to ruthless, conniving, rough towards each other, we’re really the complete opposite of that and were almost kind towards each other instead. Which I do think plays into my dislike for the book in that aspect.
Also, the world building didn’t feel like it was enough for it being a standalone book, it was hard sometimes to picture what it was the author was trying to show us and I think it would be fine if the author had intended to make it into a series but it just didn’t work in this book.
But for the most part, I did find myself enjoying what it was the book trying to do. And I am willing to give this author another chance.