Time for a New Pirate King

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When the pirate king dies, five pirate captains have to compete for the crown in trials known as Crossbones. Csilla is set to be hanged for the crimes of piracy, Kane is in debt, and Lorelei loses everything and stows away on a pirate ship.

The collection of characters in this book was so lovely. Even though they are pirates, the majority of them have more to them than just your stereotypical pirate. Csilla might be one of my new favorite characters. I love how strong she is but at the same time she's seen as weak for being half blind. The relationship with her sister had me tense the whole time. Kane is of course a sweet little marshmallow inside who just wanted friends his whole life. I'm very interested to see if in any future books the things he's had to do in the past come back to bite him. Honestly any book that starts at a public hanging and gives off major Pirates of the Caribbean vibes is going to suck me in quickly. For me, this was a 4.5/5.

If you like pirates on top of pirates on top of pirates, an all female crew, or tough men who are really teddy bears inside, then this is for you.

I received a digital copy of this book free from Edelweiss and Wattpad Books in exchange for an honest review.