The Bone Crown and pirates

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Let me tell you a story as old as time. A male, in this case on of the Sons of Fire God being, see a beautiful female, in this case the Goddess of Beauty, and falls in love/lust. She says forget you, a perfectly reasonable response. He gets mad, says he will destroy the world right after he kills her. He is so focused on wiping her out that a mortal is given enough power to stop him.
To keep this magic from expanding, it is controlled by something called the Bone Crown, worn by the king of the pirates. The crown and the power is handed down to each new pirate king. When there is no heir, there is a contest, a treasure hunt, called The Trials, which ends with the crown on the head of the next pirate king or queen. Only pirate captains can enter the Trials.
There is a lot going on. We are lead in the events by three different people, each of whom has a real need to win the contest and the crown. Having these three voices gives us a deeper understanding of the story, motives and desires pushing them.
I did find the language a little simple in places, but other than that, it was a good story. I originally thought this was a stand alone story, but the title on Goodreads leads one to believe there will be more to this tale. That's fine. This story can stand on its own.
The copy of the book I read for this review came from BookishFirst.