Simplistic fantasy

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I love pirate books and frequently re-read them whenever the urge for a grand swash-buckling adventure hits. This is not one I will be coming back to again and again. Unfortunately, this book fell into the category of great idea and poor execution.

As an avid fanfiction reader, I can appreciate a great fanfic and the amount of work that goes into writing one. That said, this felt like a Wattpad story. I wish that the writing had been able to match the intensity of the idea, but it was severely lacking. I wanted a grand adventure and instead I got a messy and yet irritatingly simplistic story that had good bones. The story got the point where it was just a little too convenient and became so predictable that is wasn't really fun to read by the end. If the author had done more world-building and expanded further upon the relationships and built up the characters it could have been a decent read.