Satisfied, but not thrilled by it

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First, thank you to Bookish First, the publisher, and Kimberly Vale for allowing me to access a copy of this book early for an honest review! I liked the plot of this story and it was a satisfying fantasy read, but I admit I was slightly underwhelmed by the book. It had entertaining and interesting elements, but was a bit too predictable and didn't completely capture my interest all the way through. I really appreciate the setting and premise of the story, but think it could have been executed differently. As I said, it was still a simple, satisfying book, albeit not amazing. I always appreciate it when books are given to me for reviews and I wish I could rate it higher, but I can't give more than 3 stars, unfortunately. It was an "OK" book with cool ideas and interesting characters. It just wasn't written in a way that captivated my attention ultimately.