Riveting Pirate Next-Gen

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I will be the first to admit that I am leery of Wattpad Publishing. Most of what I have read have been stories with lots of promise and limited polish. As if something is missing in the editing phase of publication.

However, Kimberly Vale FAR exceeded my wildest expectations.

The stories of Cscilla, Kane, and Lorelei are intricately woven and beautifully written. As the reader you can see their paths intertwine long before they see the writing on the walls and it is glorious. All with separate aspirations, having to choose the lesser evil means forging ahead on parallel courses to the trials that will replace the head of pirate monarchy.

We have our crew of women thirsty to prove themselves, our miscreant looking for a fresh start, and an aggrieved daughter who should have no correlation. If you love tenuous bonds and high stakes, this one is for you.