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Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life is no longer for me. Crossbones by Kimberly Vale is a debut fantasy trilogy that attempted to combine Six of Crows with pirates. And ended up with something that read way too much like a Wattpad fic.

Following the death of the pirate king, our three main protagonists, Csilla, Kane, and Lorelei, take part in a life or death competition for the chance to wear and own the Bone Crown. The characters are well enough developed, but don't stand out when it comes to being compared to the likes Kaz, Inej, and the rest of the crows. And the plot overall was bit dry, due to it's simplicity. And don't even get me started on the romance.

Honestly, the best part of this book was the cover. And even then I initially thought it was going to be a book about necromancers. (I literally have no idea how I didn't pick up on it being about pirates). Read at your discretion.