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I got this in e-book for but it was never sent or emailed to me so I don't know how good the story is but I'm excited to possibly purchase the book and actually get to read it some time in the future. I am very sad that the process by which e-book copies are sent I have won a few and have received none of them. This is not a bad review on the books part just a little input on my part.
The book sounded amazing and the first read was super enthralling in my opinion and I loved the cover art and the story writing. The characters were great and their personalities I'm sure will grow as the book goes on! I cant wait to fully read the book in the future and get to have the full experience of this exciting adventure. The story line in the first read was super creative and even that much of the book was a great intro to get anyone to want to read this book. Cant wait to read it and recommend it.