Love the cover

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Let’s talk about the cover it’s so pretty, I would definitely buy this just based on the cover. I usually don’t enjoy people on my cover but I really like the way it looks with the skeleton and crown on the cover. I love the colors black and gold it makes it seem like it’s really interesting and I just want to know what the book is about and read it. Overall the cover is GORGEOUS. Okay, from the synopsis I believe I’m already hooked because it has things to do with pirates. Is also love when the main character has to prove her strength in novels.I also really like when people have to come to together to fix a problem or try to run away from problems. Is also really like when royalty is mixed with pirates it just makes it really interesting. There also seems to be some avenging family member which is really cool to read about. Overall I believe I would enjoy this book and the cover is so amazing.