It was okk

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Before I actually get into the book itself, I just want to say- the cover is absolutely beautiful!!! The book was okay for me. It was honestly just like every other YA book. Now, that's not to say it was bad, but there wasn't anything that really caught my eye. I did like some of the female characters and the sister dynamic between Csilla and Rhoda though.

Overall the plot was engaging, but I did find myself putting the book down quite often jut because I wasn't too invested in the story.

I do think that one of the biggest disappointments/reasons I couldn't enjoy this book is probably because of the writing style. For whatever reason, I did not like the writing at all. It wasn't bad, I don't think, but it's not up to par with some of the other books I read, I suppose?? It felt a bit immature at times.

However, I did live for the pirates aspect of the book, and I think that the plot has so much potential!