I wanted to love this.

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After reading the first few chapters of this I was so sure I would love it, I mean pirates, a guillotine rescue, a female pirate, a competition to see who would be the next pirate "King".

As excited as I was to read the entire book I have to say it kind of felt two dimensional, yes, yes, I know it's a book, but the characters just fell flat for me.

As much as I was rooting for Csilla the three shifting points of view made it hard to really connect with any character at least for me.

The keys and the competition were great, and I enjoyed the whole idea of handing out the Bone Crown that way, but I just kept going back to having to figure out what was going on rather than being led by the story.

This may be totally my issue but I couldn't finish this one, I tried so many times. This is the first book of 2021 I dnf'd and I feel so guilty for it. I might try reading it again once I clear pirates from my mind.