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Csilla is being led to the gallows, to face her execution. The Incendian Navy is charging her with piracy. They aren't wrong, she is a pirate. But she will not be humiliated or shamed by her pirate heritage. She is prepared for what is to come. Taunted by onlookers as she is being lead to the noose, she snarls words at a woman who had thrown things at her. The woman, believing she is being cursed, retreats and Csilla is satisfied. Csilla had been betrayed, that is how she ended up here, being brought to her apparent death. Her previously had sense of confidence is replaced by fear as she lays her eyes on the gallows. She is terrified, hoping that maybe her crew and her sister had come to the rescue. As the platform beneath her feet opens up, she prepares for her end, but it doesn't come. Instead she lands on the ground, the smell of smoke invading her senses. Her sister had come for her.