Great pirate book!

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It took me a minute to get around to reading Crossbones and after finishing it, I COULDN’T WAIT to read DARK TIDES.

I give Crossbones four stars! There are poignant quotes, which I dog-eared (I couldn’t find my page markers, I’m sorry!), and themes of found family, enemies-to-lovers, and a hidden heir.

The characters in this book are probably my favorite aspect! Of course a hidden heir mystery and a treasure hunt are fun on their own, but found family gives me all the feels.

The pacing of Crossbones was very well done, but I could feel at points that this may have originally been serialized on Wattpad? Sometimes a plot point appeared out of the blue, kind of unnaturally (r.e. Flynn and the crown, teaming up, two major LI’s interest in each other). I also felt there were character aspects that could have been better developed, like Csilla’s jaded nature isn’t really given fodder to back up how often she says she was betrayed in the past by people she trusted.

My biggest issue is a major plothole though, I won’t post it here.