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The Pirate King has died and without an heir a new King, or Queen, must be chosen. All pirates vying for the crown must compete in the trials where the winner will be awarded the Bone Crown.

The book follows four main characters, 3 pirates who were once friends and a stowaway seeking to avenge her mother's death.

First, I absolutely loved the cover of this book. I would have picked up the book for that reason alone. But the story was very good as well.

The book had it all. Adventure, strong female leads, betrayal, great chemistry between the characters, and not one but two romantic arcs.

I will say the book was a bit on the slow side and did take me longer than normal to finish. However I would still highly recommend giving this book a read.

I am hoping there will be a sequel to this book even though I have heard it was a standalone novel. I feel like there is more that needs to be said.

Overall I give this book 4 stars.