Doing the Hempen Jig

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This novel begins with an execution. But it’s no ordinary execution. It’s the death of a pirate captain, a one-eyed girl named Csilla Abado. The scene is splendidly written as we wait with bated breath for a rescue that may or may not come.

The scene is set and adventure awaits. As the Blood Bell tolls, various people take note for there is more at stake than someone becoming ruler of the land. There are people desirous of revenge, of turning their lives around and keeping the land free from Incendian marauders who would reduce the natives to being little better than slaves.

This is a tale of pirates, of a fight for succession, of blood spilled and passions betrayed. It’s heady, bold and filled with derring-do. If you’ve ever had a love for pirates and pirate treasure, if you’ve ever dreamed of sailing the wild seas with the salt wind in your hair and the temptation of pirate gold, this is a novel to seize hold of.