Decent and piratey

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This book had me from the beginning: strong women, pirates, and a fight for the throne? Sold.

Sadly the story fell a little short. Lots of rushed romance that didn't have substance or depth, the trials were very brief, and the plot had odd pacing at times.

It was a decent story overall. The writing was pretty straightforward and easy to follow. It was a quick read with multiple perspectives. The magic itself was pretty cool. There was a variety of magic with witches, gods, and mermaids. Creepy, murders, siren type mermaids. Easily the best kind.

I think this story could have been longer and given each character a bit more backstory and personality, along with more motivation behind the decisions that were made throughout the whole book. With the story as is, I'm glad I read it. But I'm also glad I got to read it for free.

Pick it up if you are looking for a fun pirate book.