Couldn't put it down

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This book had my heart rooting for each separate character and wanting them to get the people like rove, especially lorelei. I enjoyed reading about csilla and was so happy that her and Lorelei made a friendship to help each woman through the struggles they faced during this adventure. Also, of course I was rooting for kane and lorelei to get together, the lengths he was willing to go for her to show her he really cared even though he didn't tell her about her true identity. I really loved that this book not only had pirates but it also had romance and betrayal, friendship and all the magic was awesome. The idea of magnus and all the other elemental magic was brilliant and how they had to be released. Of.course at the end you become a.little.worried at what that magic is doing to lorelei and whether she can die everything. But hey that's what sequels are for!