Best Pirate book!!!!

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FIRST!! The Cover!!!! IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love love love love it!
Secondly and most importantly this book was killer!! It was FULL of such wonderful things. I was captivated the entire book. I’m so happy I claimed this book. Was totally worth the points! I’ve read a lot of Pirate books in my day and this definitely takes the cake!
Must say the romance in this book was also FIRE 🔥 I love books with fantasy and romance and this book was utter prefect of both.
And the TWISIT. Hot damn did that take me by surprise. And there was more than one!
Highly recommend this book! Great summer read. Especially if you get to snag a vacation on a beach somewhere. Even better if you are on a boat! Just saying!
Can’t gush enough about this book! I wanna crawl in it and read it over and over. Definitely one of those books that I will re read again and again!