Beautiful cover but the beauty is only skin deep

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The cover is so pretty, and I absolutely love the idea of a pirate story, but this one didn't hold my attention. Csilla, Flynn, and Kane are the youngest pirates in the business but it feels like they're only so young because we wanted to have YA-aged characters. There's no benefit to having these younger characters and none of them seem like people who would actually inspire loyalty (indeed, one of the largest plot points is that they're untrustworthy). Like the whole training school for pirates doesn't really make sense and also the fact that there are only 5 sovereign ships when a kingdom is out here conquering the world seems like a rookie mistake. I could sit here and poke holes in the whole story. There was a really strong opening chapter followed by a slog as nothing much happens. I wanted epic sea battles and rich descriptions of magic, but that's just not what I got.