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I wanted to read this before it came out. The cover is stunning and the plot is even better. A bunch of pirates with a chance to fight for a crown to rule them all? A secret heir who doesn’t even know who she is herself? A god trying to destroy the world to rise again? Yes please.

I was captivated from the first page, where I wasn’t sure if Csilla would live or die. She was a main part of the story and one of my favorite characters, so I’m very glad she survived. The only female captain of Cerulia, she’s not only scrutinized by everyone else for her gender and age, but also by her sister and crew. Was her mother right in naming her heir instead of Rhoda, who is not only much deadlier but also older? She’s constantly struggling with the need to be good enough, to prove her mother right.

Kane has done some shady things to get his ship back in order after his drunkard father left it to him in shambles. But he’s back on track with his life when Lorelei stows away on his ship to run away from Captain Rove after he kills her mother. She has no idea she’s the true heir to the Pirate throne. If she did, she could claim the crown before the Bone Trials start.

As the captains and their first mates go along fighting for the key pieces on Crossbones and forming alliances, I found myself rooting for relationships and cursing Rove more than once. Lorelei still needs her revenge, in my opinion. Banishment wasn’t enough for him. He needed a proper gutting.

I love Csilla’s journey opening her heart. Her relationship with Flynn is adorable, and I love his sass. I felt for her when Rhoda betrayed her, but it was her proof that she was the rightful heir to the Scarlet Maiden.

The ending felt a little rushed, and while I think giving Csilla the bone crown was the best choice, it didn’t feel as special as it should have because the build-up wasn’t there. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next and how they have to fight Magnus off.

This was amazing and the characters came to life before my eyes. I’m so mad I have to wait for the next book.