A Great Book!

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This book instantly had me hooked, and I couldn't put it down! An amazing story that was stunning and interesting, and it made you want to keep reading throughout the whole book. It was beautifully written, and the perspective was well done and artful. It made you want to go straight to reading the next continuation in the story! The world and worldbuilding was stunning and very interesting. It felt like the plot could get a bit confusing at times though, and it felt a bit muddled for small parts. There were parts where I could tell what was going to happen in the ending, but overall it was pretty well written and mysterious. The pace was generally good, and the slightly muddled parts were short and were gone quick. The switch of perspectives was interesting and engaging, and I thought that it was a nice addition to the story. Overall, I think that this was a good story, and I definitely recommend if you enjoy fantasy and pirate books.