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From a designer point of view, I'd like to say I love the cover because it is very flawlessly designed, but as a reader I just hate the idea of having a person posing in the book cover. So I am bias and therefor am not entirely in love with the cover.
In terms of the what Crossbones is about, seems quite interesting as it deals with themes of pirates, royalty, rumors, and a mission... sounds very thrilling, adventurous, and dramatic. Not sure how the romance would fit in, and I do love having at least a bit of romance when I read. nevertheless, this is a wattpad book, and can be sometimes crazy good, ooor very cringy. With them it's a hit or miss. Obviously every one has their own opinion when reading a book. But I will leave it at that, sounds interesting and in a sense mysterious as we aren't told that much in the description.