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Crotchet Animal Rugs by Ira Rott was really cool and it made me want to start crotcheting! That's crazy right! Well it's true so you should definitely check this out. I like that it included a how to use this book for beginners, moderate and challenging levels. I liked that it had a grid that what to look for crotchet hooks and yarn. Not only in one country but multiple. It explained to you other materials that you would need as well and why those materials would come in handy. It shows you a certain item that you might want to make. It showed us a picture of what it should look like It told you everything that you need to make this item. It went step by step of what to do to make the rug and step by step for each part of the rug which was really cool. This book is really helpful and informational so you should definitely check it out. It'll make you want to pick this hobby up.