Little Bit of a Let Down

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This had the potential to be good, but it lacked proper execution. I felt like we would jump around rather sporadically and at points I was checking to make sure I hadn't skipped a page. The ending was rather lacking as well. Some of the conflicts weren't wrapped up and we were left wondering what happened? Plus the character arc for the Emsy (the fmc) was done pretty poorly. We start with her desperately wanting to go back to California and end with her saying she doesn't want to leave anymore and that she has found her real family two weeks later. That's all fine and good but we didn't really see a transition between the two. Trust me, I am all here for found family and while I did feel that, I just wanted a little more.

I think this could have worked out really well if it had been just a tad longer. With that said, I loved the artwork and the story was still fun and engaging.