Good but felt rushed

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I feel this way about graphic novels a lot. As much as I enjoy them and they’re a nice change of pace, it leaves me feeling like there was too much I didn’t know or too much unexplored.

It felt fairly obvious that Kelsey was involved based on her markings and her intense curiosity of the witchy kids, and willingness to choose them over her football boyfriend. And there wasn’t much at all about the coven itself, or the types of powers. It just felt like we skimmed past a lot of the plot.

Even the whole “found family” concept just felt too rushed. Like Emsy just easily and freely ditched her best friend and her girlfriend with no regrets? It just felt too neat and tidy for the realities of teenagers and cross country moves and friendships and all that.

Overall it’s a book I would happily give to reluctant readers but it isn’t one I would personally recommend to everyone.