Coven was the cutest

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Coven is a teen graphic novel about a girl discovering the depths of her family’s witchy power and moving across the country to meet their long lost coven. Typical teenage response, she is not enthusiastic to leave her friends and girlfriend behind and be forced to fit in to a new school and new family. But as she slowly warms to the idea, she discovers that her coven might actually need her to help ward off the evil knocking on their doorstep.

I absolutely adored this adorable graphic novel. It was full of inclusive characters who were going through very relatable witchy teenage things and I just loved it. I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone who wants something angsty and magical, but warning there are some triggers, such as loss of family members, and some bullying.

The illustrations are just beautiful. Each page is full of color and detail and I found myself getting lost in each picture.