Beautiful graphics with easy to follow but shallow plot

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The first thing that drew me to this book were the illustrations. I absolutely loved the art style, and it definitely made the story so much better. This book is about 16-year-old Emsy, who comes from a family of witches. She has grown up in California and knows little to nothing about her background as a witch. However, when some family friends are killed by a nonhuman entity, her parents force Emsy to move to New York with them. In New York, they live with Emsy's parents old coven, where Emsy learns to control her magic and become friends with other teen witches along the way.
Like most graphic novels, this novel was a pretty quick read (around 1.5 hours). It was hard to put down, but I felt like it lacked something after finishing it. The buildup to the ending was all well thought out, but the ending seemed so sudden and poorly written. The plot itself could've been mistaken for any story about witches, but the illustrations and representation helped to make it a fun read.